Modern Erlang for Beginners: my course

Modern Erlang for Beginners: my course

I remember when I first started learning Erlang, many years ago. There was the fundamental Programming Erlang book by the late Joe Armstrong, the official Erlang documentation, some various books but what really helped me was a screencast from Kevin Smith sold on the Pragmatic Bookshelf’s website.

I am a visual learner, which means that it is much easier for me to learn with videos or by pairing with other people. So, after those years I decided that I wanted to add my little contribution to the Erlang courses that available out there.

I’m pleased to say that as per today my course is live on The Pragmatic Bookshelf. I hope it will help out those who are seeking to enter this fantastic world, or those Elixir programmers who want to understand Erlang better.

EDIT (Apr. 21, 2020): my course has now been retired from PragProg and is now on Udemy.

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